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Friday, January 9, 2009


Yesterday the kids finally got their first snow day off from school. We didn't get a huge snow storm just really messy conditions enough to close the schools. The kids were excited to have a lazy day at home and I was amazed at how quiet and well behaved they were all morning. Yep all morning, now the afternoon was another thing, they drove me crazy from all the fighting, yelling and crying that went on. Oh well my night ended quiet with a slow night at work!
Today I got a bit more cleaning done around the house, cheated on my diet again :0( what else is new????? BUT I did get my treadmill cleared off and ready to use now the next step is to get on the thing!
I just finished updating my family blog so stop by and check out the pictures! Well that's it for now I must run and get ready for work.

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Tammy said...

Aurora loves storm days. She's excited that I told her it was going to snow tomorrow and Wednesday...she's hoping for another storm day. LOL