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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Part of History

In our daily world we sometimes don't realize how people live in other areas of our world. It seems un-real when we see pictures or video of people in other countries that struggle with little or no food and money. Living in what we would consider desolate conditions with little hope of a long and healthy life. There are stories in history that tell about terrible travesties perpetrated on different groups of people. One such piece in history is the holodomor which took place in areas of the Soviet Union in 1932-33. It is estimated that as many as 8 million peasants starved to death as a direct result of actions of the Government lead by Joseph Stalin. The Communist government of the time actually seized the crops of hard working peasants and exported to the West leaving these people with no way to sustain or feed their families. The real truth of loss from this tragedy may never be known as the government worked hard to cover up the truth from the rest of the world. Was it Genocide an attempt to wipe out the Ukraine countryside is debatable due to the spotty records and reliability of the information. There are many very interesting parts of our history you may have never realized if you take the time to look through the history books.

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