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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hoping for Spring

As it is so cold here today with temperatures in an arctic deep freeze I have decided it is time for me to take a look at things to get me in a Spring Mood. I am so looking forward to nice weather again, days I can go walk on the beach with the kids. We generally go to the beach here a couple of times a week, which is the good thing about living beside the ocean. These sandles from dani black shoe look so comfortable and I love the tangerine color, the metallic hardware will certainly keep them together, there's nothing I hate more than shoes that fall apart. The best feature of these is the platform, a girl can use every extra inch she can get if you know what I mean. With working afternoons/nights now I find it more difficult to get out and shop around so being able to sit at the computer and shop online for things certainly helps me make discissions easier. The Dani Black Website I found these shoes on even told me what stores in my area I could go to for the shoes. I thought this was great because I can just go and try these on without having to search shoe stores all over the mall, or guess what size to order online. This certainly helped me get out of my frozen funk and I am looking forward to some warmer days.

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