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Friday, January 9, 2009

Olympic Flame

I can remember when the 1988 Olympics were in Calgary, I was only in my early teens at the time but one of my most relevant memories leading up to the games was the Olympic Torch Run, the torch actually passed directly infront of my home. It was so exciting to see this event take place with all the hype building up to it and the actual day, everyones enthusiasm was incredible. I recently heard that thanks to the great leaders at Coca Cola Canada and through there program SOGO one thousand Canadian kids will get the opportunity to be a torch bearer for the 2010 Olympics. Through involvement with the SOGO program, which was designed to get kids active in their community through sports and physical well being. At the heart of SOGO is the community groups in your local community, they register as hosts to provide their facility, equipment or time to working with youth initiatives to stay active. The
SOGO Active website is all about getting kids interested in being active, with helpful ideas on ways to get physically active. The website also uses stories from young Olympic Athletes to inspire kids to dream big and go for their dreams. Being involved in something as incredible as the Olympics in your community is almost a once in a lifetime opportunity, take advantage of all the great programs that are available to get involved and make memories to cherish.



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