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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ok so making a decision on buying a second vehicle isn't turning out as easy as I had thought. This time we aren't going to rush into buying anything so we are shopping our options. At first I had my mind set on getting a smaller car that would be easier on gas which had me looking into the Dodge Caliber. This car is a great looking car with lots of features that I liked and with the larger tires it "kinda" had the feel of a small SUV!
After thinking things through I then thought that the car would be ok BUT if I got a Pontiac Torrent then I would have a bit more space for the dance road trips coming up.... I kept struggling with the decision so we kept looking.....
Just last Friday while we were out looking around at vehicles we had come across a white Trailblazer...... :0) Well did I ever fall in love with the truck OMG this is it...and there was enough room for the whole had my name written all over it. I took a couple of days to think it over and came to the decision that this particular truck wasn't the right one....first of all it was a 2004 but I didn't like the noise in the front end, it was a 4 wheel drive and would cost us a lot more on gas.
While thinking this option over we then turned our focus back to the Pontiac Montana SV6... this is an identical van as the one we have now but without all the bells and whistles that we are used to having, we call our van...."fully spoiled" instead of "fully loaded.... This new van is a 2008, burgundy in color but when we took it for a drive there was just no excitement about buying a vehicle. The fun was gone, the excitement on my face was gone and we were losing interest in purchasing another vehicle, so we ended up leaving the dealership and taking Blake out for lunch so that we could talk things over....Matt had commented that while taking the other van out for a test drive with me was like driving to a funeral. There was just no excitement there. Now don't get me wrong, this van had LOTS of features but would always be compared to the van we have now and just wouldn't be happy.
So here we are again trying to figure out what to do. Then we discussed the fact that with already having a van that will fit everyone for travelling and what not, why are we so focused on getting another van????? We decided that since I really want to get an SUV then why not turn our focus back to the Pontiac Torrent. The vehicle that I have always had my eye on! There is a used Torrent in silver at the's an '06, 4 Wheel drive and 20,000km on it. I didn't have time to look into it further so Friday morning we will go back and take it for a drive. Well after making the decision to look into this vehicle, it got me all excited again to shop for a car and the smile and excitement has come back....I think this is going to be what I get in the just might still be another 2 weeks before it happens!


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