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Sunday, January 4, 2009


We had a great Christmas this year filled with lots of fun and excitement! We spent Christmas at home again this year then travelled to be with our family the day after boxing day! We had a great trip and enjoyed being with family. This year New Year's Eve was spent with hubby's parents with plans to head back home New Year's Day....well that didn't happen, part way into our New Year's Eve celebration we were visited by a nasty blizzard which ended up keeping us there an extra day. Which I'm not complaining, it was nice to get extra time to visit! :0) Finally once on the road Friday, the roads were snow covered and the traffic driving slow we made it home safely around 3:00pm just in time (ok a bit late) for Trinity to help out with her dance fundraising event then Matt got off to work. So that is a bit of our excitement over the holidays, oh I can't forget to mention the movies we got to see in theatre this year. Christmas day started it off with Bedtime Stories in the evening, boxing day we got to see Marley and Me then while we were away we went to see Despereaux (Blake's pick!). They were all good movies and it was great to have this time together.

So now that the New Year is here what do we have planned??? Wellllllllll.....I am back to work on a permanent position so lots of work ahead for me.... I have a trip to New York to pay for by May then Trinity and I will be off travelling in August! Matt and I have a goal to finally take charge of our debt and try to get a few things cleared up which will be interesting seeing how I need to get myself a vehicle to make things easier to get to work..... But I am confident that things will work out for us money wise this year! Fingers crossed!!!!! Another goal I have set for myself it to lose a bit more weight. Since I started working I have put on all those hard to lose pounds that I lost last year, but I did it before so I know I can do it again ( just not as much time as before to get it off). This will be an interesting year with lots of adjustments for the whole family but I'm sure all the working will pay off in the end!

How about you? What do you have planned for 2009?

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jenn said...

I am so happy you guys made it home safely. Sounds like you have a lot planned for this year. I know you. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

My mom wanted to take my kids to see marley and me today, but when I saw it was PG-13 I hesitated. Was it okay for the kids? Maybe we'll go next weekend.