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Friday, January 23, 2009


Well I did! The decision was made today over lunch while Blake played again at MacDonald's. We drove back to the dealership and got the paper work started and I thought the shopping part was stressful, try sitting back waiting to see if the application get approved. Anyway we finally got word just before 4pm, I picked hubby up at work and we went in to sign all the papers! What a great feeling! We are now looking forward to a little less running around and hopefully Matt will be able to get to bed before midnight instead of picking me up at work every night at 1am.
I still can't believe I have my OWN vehicle!


The Egel Nest said...

Awesome! Is that a Pontiac vibe? Looks great! :) Enjoy!

The Egel Nest

jenn said...

Yay! Is that the color you decided on?