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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finishing up !

I am so excited because tonight while I am at work my husband will be finishing up the last of our renovations on our new bedroom. This has been a project of love and has taken us almost a year to get to this point. This bedroom started out as a garage which we didn't need under our youngest sons bedroom. We had to start from scratch and insulate, gyproc the walls, build a closet. Adding a window into one wall which had originally bin the garage door to let some light in. We painted the walls and put down some carpet. The finishing up is some molding work and I think there was rumor of some surprises tonight when I get home, hmmm wonder what is in store. The next renovation project in our old house will be moving onto the kitchen which certainly shows it age. We will be starting with new doors for our cupboards and also sand down the existing cupboards and changing the color to save money. We will also be changing out the counter top and adding in a new double stainless steel sinks to replace our ancient single one. I am very excited to get to the spring time so we can start this project, I think it will really improve the feel of our home.

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Unknown said...

That sounds great! Enjoy your new room.