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Thursday, January 8, 2009

My friends new arrival

I absolutely love shopping for baby things, always from a young age I was excited to see new baby items in the stores to shop for. It was exciting to wonder around the stores and see the new strollers, car seats, sleepers and outfits. I can remember when I was having babies of my own spending hours shopping through all the Baby Clothing at the local stores, looking for just the right outfit for the kids. I am had a lot of fun shopping for all my boys, there is something so handsome about Baby Boy Clothes, I especially like clothes that make them look like little men, so handsome. I am a little sad that I only had one girl of my own, but sometimes I think of how special it is to have had only one girl. It was a special time for me to be able to go out and shop for Baby Girl Clothes, the pinks, and whites with frills and don't forget the hair clips what great memories they bring back. I have a friend at work that is expecting a baby next month so I get a chance to re-visit my baby shopping love for her little one. One of the coolest items I found online is a set of little boy doctor scrubs I thought would be fun for her 2 year old son to walk around in at the hospital when he is visiting his little brother. This site had so many unique clothing items with a lot of vibrant colors that I just love to see for little boys.

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