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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This morning we spent some time driving around looking for a used vehicle that we now desperately need. We have managed for so many years with only one vehicle but now it is just getting to hard and it is tiring us out. In order for me to continue working I will have to invest some of my hard earned money into a second vehicle, but what do I want. At first I was thinking a little car would be a better choice, something small and easier on gas but as we looked at the prices we are just as better off (if not better) by looking into getting a second van?????? This would be more practical and we wouldn't have to change the kids booster seats around if one of us needed the bigger vehicle. So we have it narrowed down to another van and I have specific features I am looking for, one in particular is the built in DVD player. It is a life saver!!!!!
The picture off to the side is what I'm looking for...the same is what we already have!
This morning we did test drive one van that we had found for an amazing price!!!!! As we pulled in to check it out we noticed that someone else was looking into it also so we waited then he came in and was filling out the application for financing :0( just our luck but the other salesman still took us out to look at it and take it for a drive, like he said "the deal isn't sealed until the check is in their hand" so off we went. Let me tell you that Blake was not impressed one bit and hated it LOL for one it did not have the DVD player and with having middle row captain seats it felt really tight on space. I wasn't impressed either by the van so we returned to the dealer.When I got out Blake shouted out some smart a$$ remark about the van, which I guess I have to agree, the back wiper blade was broke off, then I noticed that the back bumper was dented in and that was when we realized by the price was so low! Anyway that was our first experience at looking for a used vehicle, we are used to buying new but I'm sure when the time is right we will find what is right for us!

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