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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm going into hibernation!

What a change a few hours makes, yesterday was a beautiful day, it had warmed up enough that the snow and ice started to melt and got to a high of 5. This was very convient because it allowed me to send hubby out to widen the driveway so we can fit my new Torrent in the driveway easier. Anyway it started cooling off after supper and this morning I wake up to -21 and with the wind chill -30. I am frozen and spending the day in bed (which is very nice) hubby surprised me by going out and picking up the new Comforter set we were looking at while I was at work to finish up our new Bedroom. A nice benefit of having 2 vehicles as he was able to take the kids out and get groceries and the bedding and I was still able to have a vehicle at work to come home when I was done. Jay and Hubby are supposed to be going to a movie after lunch (Mall Cop) to celebrate their special day (Anniversary of day Hubby adopted Jay). They have been talking about the movie all week so I'm sure they will have a good time. The other kids are feeling a little bit left out but we had our family celebration last week so today is just for the them.

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