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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boston Red Sox Tickets!

It's coming up to the beginning of another brand new baseball season. Of course spring training is our first chance to see what our favorite teams will have to offer. Coming off another World Series win the Red Sox certainly have a lot of expectations for this season to be successful. We are beginning to make plans for our spring vacation and are looking forward to taking in a few spring training games while we are away. What would be better then getting Boston Red Sox Spring Training tickets to see the beginning of another successful season. It will certainly be exciting to travel to Florida to see some baseball action.


Tammy said...

I just noticed your comment on my blog about your page rank. I noticed a while ago that the page rank widget you had on was showing a 3, but my google tool bar that shows the page rank of the site was only showing a 1 at the time. It is now showing a 0, but a lot of people are showing a 0. PPP is using the last page rank (the pr1) and not the newest one (the pr0) because over half of the blogs out there have a pr0 now. Google really screwed up big time with the page rank update. PPP is changing so that they will not be using page rank, but actual traffic to your site. Look at the PPP forums for more info. Tammy

Carrie Smith said...

thanks Tammy :0)

texas_sweetie said...

wow nice plan for ur family Carrie. Hope you enjoy watching the movie with ur entire family.
It's ok to miss those opps because I am pretty sure PPP gonna give us some more later u just have to watch out for that.