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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Where has the day gone? Well it was nice having the kids home for an extra day today but they are ready to be going back to school tomorrow. I am really lucky that they enjoy going to school, it really saves on the fighting every morning. It was a great day and I managed to get a bit of work done on the computer today considering the extra bodies around the house....So I guess now I am going to say goodnight (or is it good morning ...12:20am) to you all and head on upstairs to bed. Nighty Night :0)


MariK said...

Hello there, I was blog hopping and happy to visit your nice site here. I'm new to blogspot and so seeing who my "neighbors" are. Your kids are cute. I am a stay at home mom too (for now) and trying to find new friends. come visit one day when you get a chance.

MariK said...

oh by the way, my site is at: