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Monday, November 19, 2007


No we still don't have any snow but I'm sure with the cold temperatures it's one its way. Today it was a chilly walk up to get the kids at school with the temperature of -5 with the windchill. Blake doesn't care much for the cold and wanted cuddled in his stroller with a blanket and just minutes after we left the house he fell asleep. That isn't like him at all and this morning he slept in until just before 8:00am instead of 6:30am. He must be coming down with something. I turned the heat up and we will get settled in for the night and keep warm. Flurries are expected for tonight. You never know we might wake up to a nice snow covered grown. There is something magical about the first winter snowfall!

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jenn said...

What an adorable picture!
I have something cute for you...come by and see!