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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


It has been a while since we've sat down as a family to watch a movie and with today having the kids report cards sent home with them I thought it would be nice to make some time for us to enjoy a movie together. It is a yearly tradition for us to purchase a new Christmas DVD and yesterday we bought "The Santa Claus 3" DVD to add to our collection so tonight we will get to watch it. We did see this movie last year in the theatre and the kids really enjoyed it. I will have to make sure I have lots of popcorn ready for tonight. I am really looking forward to this family night. I great break from the everyday week night :0)


Petula Wright said...

Very cool! You know I've never seen this movie (or the others!) and I've always wanted to. That sounds like a fun treat for everyone! Enjoy yourself!

jenn said...

I want to come and watch it! I saw it at WalMart today and almost got it. I love the first two.