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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well it's already that time of the school year when the kids bring home their first term report cards. I was a bit worried for the first time with my oldest sons report with being slack with his work but I was surprised with him having all B's, now don't get me wrong I know he can do much better than this as he has always been an A student but with amazing changes for the better in the past couple of weeks I feel he is getting back on track and will bring his B's back up to the A's we are use to seeing. The other two children are doing well and on the right track to a great school year. The kids are home from school tomorrow due to teacher meetings and we are looking forward to spending the day together!

1 comment:

kitty said...

wow. Time flies.
it's funny how when you're not in school, the school year seems very short.

congrats. That's great news.