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Thursday, November 8, 2007


Here it is once again my favorite time of the year, the holiday season. What comes with this great time of year? Yes, the family of course, the gifts but don't forget about all the Christmas baking that needs to be done. This is one thing that I enjoy doing but lately I just keep putting it off. No I'm not being lazy...It's just that I have run out of patience with my mixers. I am always burning out the motor when mixing the dough or my beaters are always falling out on me. I think it's time for something new to help me get the job done!

I have had my eyes on a great Eclectrics® Mixer for quite some time now. This particular stand mixer is a Hamilton Beach®, all metal stand mixer and comes in many different choice of colors like sterling which would probably go the best with my other appliances or you can choose to have fun with choosing a different color like sugar, ultra marine, apple, pineapple or licorice. The Hamilton Beach® Mixer is awarded best buy by 2 leading consumer magazines and with this stand mixer and its 400 watts of power I would be able to mix the toughest jobs like 9 dozen cookies. This high performance eclectrics mixer ensures constant power and allows for thorough hands free mixing.

There are many great features that comes with theHamilton Beach® Stand Mixer for instance its 12 settings offer more mixing flexibility and precise control, flat beater, dough book and wire whisk for versatile mixing and a quieter operation. This stand mixer offers a 3 year limited warranty. All of Hamilton Beach® eclectrics® stands mixers qualify for free UPS ground shipping during the month of November. This would make a great gift idea for anyone who loves to bake. Why mess with a hand mixer when you can have a stand mixer from Hamilton Beach®. I bet you can guess what's on my Christmas wish list!


Anna said...

Fun video! I want the red one, too.

I have an award for you. Yes, I know you already have it, and I'm grabbing the one you have because it lights up, and the one I got doesn't. How about that?

supermom said...

Just blog hopping from another blog and saying hi, but that was an awesome vid!!! I would have done one but the opp got taken when I was ready to do it, LOL:)