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Monday, November 12, 2007


I am so thankful for all my great blogging friends. Each and every one of you mean so much to me and I am really enjoying getting to know more about you all as each day goes by. Some of you are starting to feel like my extended family and with that said I would like to thank Anne from My Virtual Journal for tagging me with this great "I've got a friend in you" message. I thought is was very sweet and kind of her and Anne I do consider you one of my dearest friends. What a great way to end the day before heading off to bed!
I want to share this message with some of my other blogging friends...if I don't tag you with this message, don't take it personally I consider all who takes the time to visit my blog a friend in the blogging community.
This is being sent out to Tammy at Mom Knows Everything, Petula at It's a Woman's World, Matt at The Males Perspective, Misty at My Dogs Keep Me Sane and Anna at Beth and Cory's Mom.
Pass this message along to some of your most dearest friends and put a smile on their faces :0)


Tammy said...

Thank you so much! You're so sweet to think of me. :o)

Misty Dawn said...

Thank you Carrie - this means A LOT. You know, I'll have to pass it on to Tammy too (I guess she gets it twice). I'm already thinking about who I will pass this on to. Thank you SO much.

texas_sweetie said...

hi Carrie..thank u for doing my tag.I have done yours too but I posted it on my other blog because I dn't have personal entries there..if u want to see it,just go to

enjoy ur day and happy blogging

Anna said...

Thanks, Carrie. I really appreciate it.