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Friday, November 16, 2007


Living away from our family means a lot of time travelling on a regular basis for visiting, however with us not all our travelling plans are done a head of time which leaves us with booking Last Minute Hotel Rooms. This usually isn't an issue for us with the off season months but a couple of years ago during our March Break we had decided at the last minute to go away for the week with the kids. Well do you think it was easy to book a room last minute at this one particular hotel we wanted to stay at? This hotel offered a great indoor pool and was attached to an indoor amusement park! How great is that? We were lucky enough to get the last room available but this made me realize that we shouldn't leave booking our hotel room to the last minute.

Booking Last Minute Hotel Rooms can be hard to find but it doesn't have to be that way with Hotelshop specialized in last minute bookings in a 2 -5 star hotel accommodation and short breaks though out the U.K. This website is user friendly with an easy layout where you can check out their hotel search and select the type of hotel you prefer or search by the kind of break you are looking for whether it's short breaks, adult breaks or London breaks. Hotelshop also offers you group bookings, gift vouchers and special offers. Now you don't have to panic if you are booking last minute, hotelshop will offer you the help you need.

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