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Monday, November 19, 2007


I am so grateful for all the awards I was given over the weekend and now it's time to share them with you and to pass them along to other deserving bloggers.

Let the Award Ceremony begin...

*First of all I received 2 great awards from Jocely from Hip Mama Blog thanks Jocelyn!

I am passing these two awards on to Anne from My Virtual Journal and Suzanne from Miss Kitty Fantastico.
*I was then given the Winning Attitude Award from Misty from My Dogs Keep me Sane...thank you Misty!

I am passing this award on to Jenn from Enjoying the Ride and to Mel from Mel in a Nutshell

*And last but not least, I was given this BTB award from Tammy from Mom Know Everything....thanks Tammy!
I am passing this award on to Petula from It's a Woman's World and Matt from The Males Perspective.
This concludes the award ceremony for today! See you next time... :0)
Have a great day!


jenn said...

Thank you so much! It's so nice that you thought of me!

BeccaGirl said...

Wow, you are very popular to get so many great awards :-)

Stop by and participate in the 'Give Me Five' meme for this week!

Petula Wright said...

That was a beautiful ceremony! :-) Congratulations and thanks for the award... I really appreciate it!

Mel : ) said...

OMG!!! thanks so much! ive never won an award before - what do i do??? YAY!!!

Carrie Smith said...

Hey Mel...
Just save the award picture off my post and add it to a post on your blog :0)