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Sunday, November 11, 2007


I recently had the opportunity to research the game of poker. Considering I am new to the game I found this great poker website online to be a great resource too. Mac Poker contains all the rules and regulations to all the most popular poker games of today and is extremely easy to navigate and gives very clear instructions on how to play the game. A great feature is the basic poker rules which describes each hand and its ranking.

One thing that I especially enjoyed was the links to the poker supply store with product lines that are available from that allows us to shop for all things poker related at one convenient spot. I really thought these online poker game options were well explained visiting Pacific Poker and Fulltilt Poker which are Internet poker games rooms which gives you great insite into how the online virtual world of Poker can be very interesting as well.


Petula Wright said...

You know I've never played poker. I don't like card games that much but I remember spades being really in when I was a teenager. I think I've always been scared to play cards... people get so serious about winning! :-)

Carrie Smith said...

Playing cards doesn't interest me at all...more important things to do I guess...At least now when people are talking poker I have an idea what's going on...