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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well, here we are getting ready for the holiday season and with this time of year comes lots of shopping. With having a large family I tend to use a lot of coupons, find great deals and promo codes to help with the expense of gift buying. This year I was able to find great savings with dell coupons and got the kids new winter jackets with Old Navy deals. The budget can get pretty tight this time of year but it doesn't have to with


Petula Wright said...

I am a coupon junkie!! If I forget my coupons or they expire I can complain about it for days. It's like money to me!

Nico said...

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Tammy said...

Hey, I did this one too! Hope you have a relaxing night, I have baking to do. :o)

Carrie Smith said...

Thanks Tammy but unfortunately my relaxing night isn't going to happen :0( I just can't seem to settle myself down until almost midnight lately????

Baking is on my list for tomorrow with Blake should be great fun!

Rachel said...

LOVE coupons!!! They're wonderful!!