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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

***HELP ME SOMEBODY >>>> :0(

I spent a whole day doing an opp for ppp that pays $65, it contained a video and we had a great time. However today it was rejected twice. No there is nothing wrong with the video or post itself they are just looking for one of the 3rd party links. Well today I spent pretty much the whole day trying to fix the problem but nothing. I have since discovered that I think the problem is in the disclosure requirement (the colored badge that says sponsored by....) it keep coming up that there is an error and as soon as I delete it the error is gone. And for the life of me I can't fix the problem. This disclosure requirement is different from all the other one I have done and the code is totally different. When done properly when you move your mouse over the badge a small add or something should pop up and that's what mine won't do. Now can you see why I am so frustrated with it....This $65 just isn't going to happen if I can't solve the problem...
Can anyone help me here, I am desperate....I have 2 days left to work on it before it's deleted.
Wish me luck! GRRRR!


Anna said...

Have you played with your design or code since you submitted the opp?

Double check that the PPP tools code didn't get accidentally deleted somehow. I missed an opp once because mine got deleted when I changed blog design. I just forgot all about it. It looked like my blog qualified, but it wasn't available to me. Of course, I submitted a ticket, but didn't get an answer until the next day when the opp was no longer available.

Misty Dawn said...

I SO wish I could help you, but I didn't do this one, so I have no idea how to help. I'm so sorry :-(

Carrie Smith said...

Thank you Anna...I got my disclosure badge to work properly; let's just hope that was all the problem is
keep you fingers crossed


jenn said...

I'm gald you fixed your problem. I know nothing about ppp, but a lot of poeple do them. Does it bring in a lot of money? (if I'm being too nosey, just tell me to mind my own business, I won't be offended, I promise!)

Carrie Smith said...

it all depends on how many opps you get and how much time you spend doing them. Together with all my paid blogging sites and my new $65 post I made just under $600in October. Well worth it for me...I can bring in some extra money and don't have to pay a sitter :0) and other then a few glitches I am having fun!!!