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Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have never had so much fun making money online and it's great because as a stay at home other of four children I don't have to look into childcare while bringing in some extra income to our home. This is all possible because now I advertise on blogs . You got it! I make money online by doing what I love to do and that's blogging! I am really enjoying what I do and I get the chance to learn about new things and products through websites that I normally wouldn't come across.

Smorty is a great service that I came across that connects advertisers with bloggers where the advertiser pays me to write opinion posts with links back to the advertiser and since I have a enjoyment for blogging, why not get paid to blog. The advertisers will want your opinions about different websites and peoples products. Remember it's not advertising you are just writing your opinions with weekly payments in return and you only give your opinions on the subjects that are of interest to you where you can get top money with every post you do. Smorty is the fastest way to get paid for blogging and if you like to blog then maybe this is for you. Have fun with your blog and earn that little extra cash in return.

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