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Monday, November 12, 2007


After taking some much need time away from the computer I got a great start to my morning with a kind reminder of Friendship from both Tammy at Mom Knows Everything and Anna at Beth and Cory's Mom. In the world of blogging I hold these friendships dear to my heart knowing that they are always there to listen and I couldn't ask for a better friendship.

I am going to pass this on to Anne at My Virtual Journal, Suzanne at Miss Kitty Fantastico and Kim at Stitch-n-Stuff to let them know that their friendship is much appreciated.


texas_sweetie said...

Wow Carrie this is so sweet..thank u so much.How is ur blogging today? Is it cold where u are? because ur kids are wearing jackets in Texas its still above 80's but I like cool air..

Anonymous said...