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Sunday, November 4, 2007


After a long night of no sleep (well for me at least)... I got to sleep in for a bit....NOT....I was quickly called down stairs by the kids to help out Matt. What in the heck could be going on....I looked out the windows and everything looked fine, just really windy. There was Matt standing in our neighbors yard trying to hold down the trampoline. It took down a section of the fence then blew over the rest and landed upright in the neighbors yard. Thank G*d the poles got caught in there clothes kept it from hitting their motor home. So there we were standing in the wind storm taking the trampoline apart one piece at a time. Once we got the enclosure off Jay and I took advantage of the excitement and jumped around for a bit to hold it down while Matt went to get more tools. The trampoline is now apart and thrown in the garage. Luckily that is the only issue we had to deal with...until Matt got a call from Zellers, the alarms were going off so we all piled in the van with Matt (we wanted to see the water) Nothing going on at Zellers :0)

The runaway trampoline...

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