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Monday, November 5, 2007


Tammy fromMom Knows Everything gave me this wonderful blogging wish. Tammy is such a thoughtful and caring blogging friend, I guess that is a couple of the reasons I really enjoy her blog. This wish was created by the creator of Poems for Cards.

I would like to wish Kim from Stitch-n-Stuff, Anne from My Virtual Journal, Petual from It's a Woman's World, Jocely from Hip Mama Blog,Matt from The Males Perspective and everyone else who takes the time and enjoys blogging...."HAPPY BLOGGING" to you all!


texas_sweetie said...

hi Carrie,wow so early for bed...are u tired? i am tired..ppp is pretty boring today. not much opps to do..argsss anyways,i like this sweet thing u have for me.thank u much for remembering me,surely grab this for interim post..really out of words now lol...HAPPY MORNING TO YOU in advance.

Petula Wright said...

That is so cool!! Thank you!!