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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Today is Blake's birthday and he is turning 3 years old. We have lots of excitement planned for the day and more cake and presents too! The kids are dropped off at school so the day is all about Blake with a little surprise for Blake at his daddy's work ( a little piece of birthday ice cream cake). They had balloons at a table for him in the restaurant and we gave him one of his gifts. A fur real leapord that he named Leo. He is very excited about his birthday but it is some hard watching him grow up. Time goes by too fast!

Happy Birthday Blakie!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Blakie!!! Miss ya!!

Misty Dawn said...

He is SO handsome! What a cutie!
I have given you an award, and I think it's an extra special one - come check it out at my blog!