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Saturday, November 3, 2007


How many of you play the McDonald's Monopoly game? We do but we don't go to McDonald's just to get the games pieces, that's a bonus! Do you really win prize money? I have won a large sandwich on the game stamps and free pop but that's about it. The codes on the stamps....who has time to enter them, how many codes do you think aren't used and just thrown out? I know that just recently I accidental threw out some game stamps and before I could get them out of the garbage can in the van Matt had emptied it, hope there wasn't any winners.
O.K. so to get to the real reason for this post....I have been taking some time this week to enter some game codes on the Internet (10 a day) and this morning with Blake's help we are now potential winners of $500. Now we need to call and verify some information and send them our stamp codes and answer a skill testing question. If we really did win $500, it will be very exciting. Wish us luck and I will let you know if we really did win the money. :0)

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