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Sunday, November 4, 2007


With getting no sleep last night and a very very busy day today I am going to finish up with my last PPP opp then head off to bed for hopefully a good night sleep. I have already fallen asleep a couple of times on the couch today (nascar races usually do that to me anyway lol) so it's off to bed. Matt will have to watch tv by himself tonight .


Anna said...

Hope you get some good sleep!

If you're looking for new designs for you blog, you might like BlogSkins. That's where I found the original design I used for my new look. I can't find any easy way to find what you are looking for. I just happened to find one I kind of liked, so I clicked on the designer, searched through her designs, and found one I liked better.

Also, Pyzam has a whole bunch of blogger layouts. I spent a whole day looking at them. Well, at least it seemed that way!

I have to say that I first signed up for a blog on blogger just so I could have the design you have now. I didn't really use the blog for a while, but I had the design! I kept that for a long time.

Carrie Smith said...

Thanks Anna :0) I will see what I can come up with in the next little while.

have a great week