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Monday, November 5, 2007


Yesterday as some of you already know, I started my Christmas decorating! Well I'm not the only one that enjoyed getting into the decorations. The kids had a great time going through and picking out some of their favorite decorations and finding a place for them to go...needless to say most of them will be put somewhere else eventually. The biggest hits around here were the Christmas elf and Santa hats and Blake couldn't wait to put on his Santa Suit. Then there is our 6 foot tall singing Karaoke Santa, he got a warm embrace from Blake and Kohl to welcome the holiday season. We had a great time. I just love this time of year!


Mattyboy said...

Yes, I'm glad we got the big Santa after wanting it all these years it makes it that much more exciting to have him in our home.
Should be lot's of good Kareoke fun at the house this year.

Petula Wright said...

What fun you're having. It's nice to see someone getting into the spirit. Maybe it'll rub off on me... kind of difficult to given the separation and everything, but my teenager loves decorating. She likes to do it the day after Thanksgiving.

Tammy said...

I'm almost done my decorating. Aidan keeps calling every decoration a "Mistmas tree".

Carrie Smith said...

Boy your quick with the decorating Tammy...I am trying to pace myself or I will get in over my head and be caught in a mess.
Funny, Blake calls it "mismis tree".
I'm heading to your site right now for a visit.
thanks for coming by :0)

Misty Dawn said...

Those are fantastic photos! So adorable! They are obviously so excited, and I'm so glad you got photos to share with us!