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Friday, November 2, 2007


With the world today I guess anything is possible. Would you ever have thought that alcohol and the Internet would make a good mix? Well they do with Absolute Drinks. Absolute Drinks is one of the worlds largest drink database. This website has so much to offer from best rated drinks, hot topics and great drink recipes. Go mix some drinks with their virtual bar where you follow the steps to mix your own drink. Follow the 7 steps and see how your drink turns out, you never know it might just be the best drink you've ever had!

Bartending can now be done at home whether your just sitting around with a friend enjoying a relaxed Vodka Drink or a pre-dinner cocktail, this is a great place to start. You can choose your drinks by color, drinks by type or drinks by spirit. The main spirits are Gin Drinks, Brandy Drinks, Vodka Drinks, Tequila Drinks and rum drinks. Rum, white and gold rums are perfect mixed with cola and juice and can be used in cocktails like Rum Collins and Mojito. Absolute Drinks offers the top 20 rum drinks, you are sure to find one you enjoy and don't forget to check out their dink of the day and get the recipe. Try something new! Once you find your favorite recipe, don't leave home without it. Take you drinks with you in your mobile wherever you go!

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