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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


While in Amherst visiting with Grandpa and Grandma my 5 year old son Kohl insisted that we have a picnic. Finally, Sunday at lunchtime we gathered around the patio table outside and enjoyed our little picnic feast. He helped prepare the donairs, pizza and Caesar salad. It was an overall great little picnic and he was so proud!
We all headed indoors for dessert to escape from all the flies then piled in the van for our journey back home. We had a great visit!

This has been such a busy summer for us but things are slowing down and we just have to remember to take the time and enjoy the kids. They really enjoyed all our little outings and picnics were something we did quite often this summer and I'm sure we will enjoy some more of Kohl's little picnics. Jay and Trinity are looking forward to going back to school and Kohl is looking forward to his first year in school. I'm so glad he is excited it will hopefully make it easier for me to leave...for him at least.

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Michelle said...

wow! very beautiful setting and background. are they real? :)