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Thursday, September 6, 2007


The kids had a great day at school today and are looking forward to going back tomorrow. They all liked their new teachers and made lots of new friends. Blake and I waited for the kids after school to come out and Kohl was so excited to tell me about his day, the papers and coloring pages were flying everywhere. I got them picked up and we headed to the playground to play while waiting for the dismissal bell for my oldest son Jay. Well not even 5 minutes into their play time Kohl is brought over to me in tears. He had fallen and scraped his chin on the step of the slide and cut the inside of his mouth. What a great way to end the school day. He did go back and play for a few more minutes before we headed home. He is still looking forward to going back tomorrow but he said he will be more careful on the stairs. I'm sure he will be going to school tomorrow with a black and blue chin.


Tammy said...

Aww the poor monkey! I hope he's okay and still wants to go back.

Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style said...

I hope he's OK! I'm sure you're enjoying the extra time while they're at school!