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Friday, September 7, 2007


My 2 1/2 year old son Blake is having the time of his life with the other 3 back in school. He has my full attention and is loving every minute of it. Yesterday he wanted to drive his 4 wheeler and usually it's to much of a hassle because I can't manage more than one on the bikes at a time. Having 2 of them going in different directions can get a little scaring and makes me nervous, so with it being just Blake we found a ball field hidden behind the street across the road and we headed over there and he enjoyed his 4 wheeler in the wide open, traffic free zone. We had a blast, I'm even thinking of taking the bigger 4 wheeler over with him tomorrow and joining him in the fun! I might look funny on the bike LOL but it will be worth it to see Blake having more fun. He is nothing but a little bag of giggles when he sees me on the bike. Today we are having a lazy day, the weather isn't all that nice and it's chilly so we are going to watch Garfield then go pick the kids up at school.

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